We know the balance between getting things done and getting things right.

We want to be the ones helping you find the perfect balance between speed and quality for you to have a great product out there without loosing any time. Also, if your product is actually already out there but you think it can perform better, we want to be the ones helping you achieve that too.

About US

"Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence." - Colin Powell

We are a team of Engineers/Designers crazy about quality, performance and innovation, fully dedicated to help our clients find the perfect solution for their projects. We've worked for a lot of different types of clients so we've learned from it and we use that knowledge when we have to build new things or improve existing ones.

When we create we do it focusing not only on the engineering part but also on the design and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), because today’s world flows through them, so we know the important role all of them play in a successful project.

So, the only thing you really need to know about us is that we will be there with you from the beginning to end of your project, making it happen, as a team.




We move fast

We turn sketches into a prototype as quickly as possible. We aim to spend less time fiddling with plans and specs, and more time producing. We have an experimental and collaborative approach. With quick iterations we pursue a short time to launched product.

A complete team

We have the people needed to take a product from beginning to end. Combining heavy technical experience with a fierce focus on product design, we are capable to bring any idea to life, no matter the complexity.

A unique global network

Our own team is accompanied by an external network of experts. Our network includes some of the world’s top founders, investors and advisors. An extraordinary resource to tap into when necessary.


We help big companies act like small startups, and provide the expertise startups need to launch and scale their business.


Our team has successfully worked with companies such as: MIT, Sony, MTV, Nickelodeon, Columbia University, Pixable, Prosegur, Barcelo Viajes, DMR Consulting Brazil, Club Med Argentina, FIABCI Argentina, UTELPA, Ford Argentina, GarageTek, MomSpace, FedEx PyMEx, among others.


New York, NY, USA
Buenos Aires, BA, Argentina